My 5 Bag Essentials

Have you seen that mini Chanel purse or that neon MK Selma bag that's all the rave these days? I have been on the search for the best small bag since last year and was forced to downsize the contents of my bag in order to go with the trend.  So I went through my stuff and identified 5 essentials that must fit inside the bag before i declare it a winner. 

1. Wallet
Even though i rarely bring a lot of cash with me, my wallet is still an essential item in my bag. It's important that i have my Driver's License, credit card and ID inside at all times.
2. iPhone
Smart phones are called such because they're not just for calling or texting anymore. I use my iPhone to read e-books, connect with friends over social media or entertain the kids on days when i'd like to eat in peace.

3. Tissue
Don't you just hate it when you wash your hands only to find out that there's no tissue in sight? So you try to wipe them over your jeans or wave them in the air [like you just don't care]. I always bring a pack of tissue (or two) since my kids need to frequently wash their hands when we're out in the malls. You never know where those little hands have been.
4. Mints
Mints will be your breathsaver after that large order of onion rings or garlic-ridden Aglio Olio pasta. If you're not a fan of onions and garlic, you can always offer them to the friend who is. As they say, when someone offers you mints, do not refuse.

My favorite mint of the moment is RioMints. I like that it's very compact and fits well into my mini bags. I also like that it's sweet at first before it gets really really minty and does not leave any after taste.
5. Mini brush
I honestly seldom brush my hair since it's naturally wavy. Brushing will just make it more buhaghag. But i still carry a little brush in case my hair gets really unruly and i need to tie it back into a bun or just brush it away from my face. 

I use the one from The Body Shop which is also perfect for fixing my little girls' hair.
What about you? What are your top 5 bag essentials?

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