Japan: Land of the Vending Machines

Over a month ago, i found myself in Tokyo for another business trip. I forced surprised Dens by booking him a free trip using our travel miles. 

Upong reaching the airport, you'd notice a lot of vending machines lined up. From drinks to candy bars and what-nots. On our first night, Dens and i wanted to try something extraordinary. We walked around Shibuya and saw this little restaurant with a nice vending machine inside. We got curious so we decided to give it a try.
The buttons on the machine contained pictures of the food plus the price so it was a no-brainer for non-Japanese speakers like us. 
You basically insert your money (bills or coins), turn the knob and press the button of your desired order...
...and viola! Out comes a ticket with your order and the price. It's a 2-part ticket with perforation in the middle. You just give the entire thing to the waiter and they will give back one part to you. That will serve as your receipt. 
The place is good for individual diners since they have a bar-type set-up. In other words, you won't look kawawa if you are eating by youself.
 My shrimp tokatsu plate! It did look like the picture on the vending machine. Yay!
Dens had Oyakudon. The servings were big so we decided to just bring home the left-over.  It was so good that i was already craving for more by 11pm.  I ate all of our leftover before going to bed. (sorry, unhealthy eating habits!)
Try it when you find yourself in Tokyo.  This type of restaurant is pretty common around the city. We saw a lot of it in Shibuya during our visit.

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