F1 Hotel, Manila Philippines

Over a week ago, one of our friends gave us a voucher to the F1 Hotel in BGC. I've been to the hotel a couple of times to attend business and social events but haven't really stayed there overnight.  One recent weekend, our family decided to have a little staycation at the hotel.

The voucher was for a City Suite.  The room is usually priced somewhere from P7,650 to P10,200 per night, depending on the season, but my friend got it through Deal Grocer for only P4,800 which was such a steal.  

The room has two double beds which, honestly, can comfortably accomodate four adults. Although they just allow 2 adults and 2 kids in the room. It has a spacious living area with a separate TV.  
Bathroom and the baby girl
The hotel has a small foyer at the back of the building (facing the parking lot) so guests are asked the check-in at the Premier Lounge on the 5th floor. 
Photo from F1's website
The hotel also has a beautiful pool area on the 3rd floor. There are two pools and a jacuzzi on deck.  All of them are near the restaurant-bar which gives a nice relaxing vibe to the place.

The restaurant at the 3rd floor boasts modern interiors.
Elevator area at the 3rd floor
The hotel also has a nice gym and spa which, unfortunately, we were not able to enjoy during our stay. Maybe next time :)
Photo from F1's website
Photo from F1's website
The hotel is conveniently located within walking distance from shops and restaurants within BGC.  We walked across the parking lot towards Bonficacio High Street to grab some lunch and headed to S&R just across the street for some grocery shopping and a pizza dinner. It truly felt like a vacation abroad. 

Our family had a wonderful weekend at F1 hotel. Thanks again, Han, for the treat. We will surely be back.
My best hotel souvenir. A note from Troy :)
ALOVU 2, Anak.

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