Living the Dream

I had a dream.

As a child, there are two things that i have always loved.  Writing and dancing. Through the years,  it has taken a backseat and would only show up once in a while but never permanently.  The past years have made me realize that life is to short to procrastinate.

On Writing...

I started writing at a very young age.  When i was 10 years old, I'd write in my diary almost every night.  Stories were recorded and locked safely with this little key hidden in a secret drawer in my room.  I remember writing my own pocketbooks back in high school.  I was able to finish writing three [note]books from cover to cover and had my cousin edit them for me.  I wanted to take up journalism as a college degree but never really pushed through for various reasons.  In 2006, i started writing in my personal multiply site about my journey as a mom. In 2011, i decided to write again and this time in a public blog. This is where i am now. Sharing my thoughts and experiences on this blog. Somehow living my writing dream.

On Dancing...

Ever since i was little, i had a passion for dancing. I love to dance. I have enrolled in various dance schools - from ballet to street dancing.  Though my skills are far from exceptional,  dancing has always made me feel happy.  I've dreamed of becoming a ballet dancer ever since i was a child. My mom enrolled me in a summer program when i was about 5 years old and I just fell in love with it.  However, since my mom was concerned that continuous ballet would ruin my feet, that dream had to be set aside. After graduating from college, i wanted to enroll in ballet school once again. Enrolling in ballet meant not being able to work at all since the schedule was very rigid. I felt that it was not the most responsible thing to do at that time so i decided to join the corporate bandwagon instead.

15 years and two kids later, i wondered if i will be able to pursue my love for dancing. Then i thought, if i don't do anything now, i may never really be able to do it anymore. I am very well in my 30s and some people have asked me 'Why now?'...well, i thought to myself 'If not now, then when?' Today is the youngest i will ever be.

I had a dream. And after over 30 years, i am now on my way to living the dream. In a few hours, i will be putting on my pink ballet shoes and dancing to my heart's content. Life is too short to waste another day just dreaming. It's time to step up and make your dreams come true. I just did.

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