What Does Familiarity Breed?

I love my husband and i know he has a lot of strong attributes. I know this because i wouldn't have married him in the first place if he didn't.  But after knowing him for more than 13 years, sometimes i forget what these good qualities are.

A few months ago, one of our very good friends told us that they think Dens is one of the smartest people they know. When i heard this, I laughed out loud. Then i realized that they were serious. So it got me thinking.

When i first met Dens thirteen years ago, i could not stop gushing about all his wonderful traits. He was indeed very smart (great problem-solving skills especially in Math), he was our resident MacGyver who knew how to fix practically anything, he was always very generous - not just with money but also with his time, and more importantly, he had such a good heart. He always saw the good in people and avoids thinking ill of anyone. So what happened?  Did dens change through the years?  As i thought about it more, i realized that he didn't change at all. He is still very smart and handy, he still thinks of others before himself, and he is still very generous with his time and resources. So what has changed? I realized then that i was the one who changed. I have been so used to being around Dens that i became too comfortable with all of his good traits. Before i knew it, i was looking past them and was simply nit-picking everything he does that annoys me. I failed to appreciate him as much as i should and only called his attention every time he does something wrong.

Where is the love in that? My thoughts opened my eyes to once again see the beautiful gift that God has given me. A husband who loves me unconditionally and a bestfriend i can always count on. Dens has been nothing less than wonderful through the years and i have failed to see that. I saw the 1 day that he was late and failed to see the 6 other ones when he was on time. I criticized his growing belly and failed to appreciate the many midnight snacks he prepared for me and the kids. Familiarity blinds us sometimes, doesn't it? We are always so gracious to our acquaintances but we sometimes fail to extend the same grace to the people we love the most.

Familiarity should breed contentment and not contempt.  Dens will continue to have his faults as i would mine. Nobody is perfect. But i will promise to try my very best to always to see the goodness in him.

ps. Love, please do not use this post as an excuse to be late.  But if you do become late at times, i love you anyway :)

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