Why I Love Being Pregnant

First off, I am not pregnant. I was just talking to my friend about her pregnancy and thought about my own.  Pregnancy is not just morning sickness and labor pains.  There are fun things that come along with it too!  Here are the top three reasons why i love being pregnant (aside from the coming of a new baby, of course).

1. You can eat to your hearts' content! Of course it's not the same when you have high blood or sugar problems. But generally, you can eat and not worry about gaining weight. I especially love the second trimester when the morning sickness goes away and you still don't feel the sluggishness of the last trimester. This is the best time to hit all the hotel buffets in Manila!

2. Afternoon naps are productive.  One thing my husband doesn't understand about me is that i hate sleeping in the afternoon. I feel that it's such a waste of time. Ever since I was a child, i'd always wake up feeling sad each time I take an afternoon nap. It's just so unproductive. For me, you should be productive during the day and rest only at night. But the good thing about being pregnant is that you get to sleep anytime and still be productive! You are allowing the baby to grow each time you sleep. It's an excuse to rest more, really. I love that i don't feel guilty everytime I wake up in the afternoon.

3.  You get special treatment. Dens' love language is service but when I am pregnant, he goes the extra mile!  From getting me water in the middle of the night to back massages that help me fall asleep...people are just generally more kind and caring to you even if you don't ask them to be.

I don't intend to get pregnant again but I love remisicing the fun stuff during those 9 months.  I've been pregnant three times and every experience has been different. Some pregnancies are harder than others.  But through it all, I learned that the ultimate joy of seeing your healthy baby for the first time beats any hotel buffet or back massage. That's truly irreplaceable.

How about you? What are the things you love about being pregnant? :)

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