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One Saturday in April, i found myself at the 3rd floor of Fully Booked in BGC with other women who are also passionate about writing. When i first heard about the Blog Inspired event from Martine, I became very curious. I wasn't exactly sure what to expect from the talk but I was excited.
There was a good mix of fun activities, talks from different blog experts, and Q&A. One of my favorite part was when Jamie of Optimommy talked about writing your life purpose. Life often brings us a lot of surprises.  But when you have a clear vision of where to go, then it's easier to get to your goal. Here are some tips on writing your life purpose (reference: Arnold M. Patent, the author of You Can Have It All).

(1) List two of your uniqe qualities or talents (example: writing, dancing)
(2) List two ways you enjoy expressing those qualities when interacting with others. Basically, you need to think of two action words (example: encourage, inspire)
(3) What does your perfect world look like? How is everyone interacting with everyone else? (example: a world where there is sincere love of the Lord and everyone enjoys peace and contentment.)
(4) Combine items 1 to 3 to form a statement:

Life Purpose: I will use my passion for item 1 and item 1 to item 2 and item 2 and item 2 others to create item 3.

So for my examples above, it will look something like this:

Life Purpose: I will use my passion for writing and dancing to encourage and inspire others to create a world where there is sincere love of the Lord and everyone enjoys peace and contentment.

Once you've identified your life purpose, you can now create your blog purpose. More often that not, it is a subset of your life purpose.  Think of why you want to write in the first place. Once you've set your goal, then it will be easier for you to filter out posts that are not aligned with your blog's objective. All your posts should be anchored to the unified voice that you have set for your blog.

I thought about my own blog. I write because I want to show people that God still sends us rainbows after the storm. Our dreams may have been shattered when we lost our first born, but God restored and gave us new hope. He blessed us with two beautiful children and I couldn't ask for more. I want our lives to be an encouragement to parents (and parents-to-be).  I want to let them know that life may not always be perfect but God is good. With Him there is hope.  We can always smile again.

Ready to create your life/blog purpose? Do share them with us!
Candy, me, Martine

ceemee  – (May 30, 2013 at 11:13 PM)  

Hi Tiffany! Your blog purpose is really inspiring and I love that you show that in our weakness and wounds, the Lord is glorified. Nice to have met you at Blog Inspired!

Tiffany  – (May 31, 2013 at 8:28 AM)  

Hi Ceemee, thank you :) hope to see you around again soon!

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