Fresh Milk Delivered to Your Doorstep!

After weaning from breastmilk at 20 months, my son immediately moved to drinking fresh milk everyday. At 4 years old, he can finish about 5 to 6 tetra packs (9oz) of fresh milk a day. Given the sheer volume of milk that he consumes, i have been contemplating on ordering fresh milk (not the tetra packed kind) for a while now but never really acted on it.

During a recent luncheon, i was introduced by lifestyle blogger, Rowena, to a fresh milk delivery company. I did not waste any more time and immediately searched for them online and ordered that same day.

The company that produces the milk is Batangas Agribusiness Center.  They supply to some of the biggest coffee houses and food chains in Metro Manila plus a number of residences. The good news is that you can now contact their Manila delivery arm and have the fresh milk delivered straight to your doorstep!

They have whole milk, non-fat milk, and chocolate milk. They also have some non-dairy products that you can order such as juices and bread. Check out their Facebook page at for the complete product listing.

Fresh milk tastes more creamy than tetra-packed milk. I haven't tried the other variants but i heard that the non-fat milk tastes more watered-down.  It makes sense since the fat has already been reduced so i guess it would be less creamy.

At the moment, it will not fully replace our tetra-packed milk which is very convenient to bring when we're out. But at least a big part of my son's milk consumption will be fresh milk.

Call them now at 0927-8335000 to place your orders. A 2-liter jug costs P180 and you only need to order a minimum of 4-liters (2 jugs of 2-liters) for them to deliver. It is not advisable to order too much since fresh milk spoils easily (around 4 to 5 days only).

It's time to go back to basics. Taste the difference.

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