Goodwood Park Hotel, Singapore

My job requires that i travel on a regular basis either to visit clients or attend conferences. Unlike most people, I am not that fond of business trips mainly because it would mean days away from my family.

Last December, i found myself in Singapore for an 2-day business trip. I usually stay at the Mandarin Meritus Hotel along Orchard during my previous trips. But this time the company booked me in a different hotel. I tried to request for my accomodation to be moved back to the Mandarin but was told that the Goodwood Park Hotel is the company's first choice in the area. It turned out to be a refreshing change.

You cannot help but be impressed by the grandeur when you see it for the first time.

Goodwood Park Hotel
I later found out that the Goodwood Park Hotel started as an elite club for German expatriates living in Singapore during the 1900s. It was later sold to a Jewish family who converted it to a hotel.

Despite the rich heritage and old world feel of the hotel, the rooms are pretty modern. I was quite relieved since I don't really enjoy staying in rooms that are full of antique furniture and vintage interior. The latter just spells 'horror story' for me. 

We got a good corporate rate of US247++ which is very reasonable considering the hotel class and amenities provided. I checked the hotel's website and the rooms are normally priced from US$300 and up.  They have regular promotional deals with partner travel sites that you may also check out.
Deluxe Room
There was not enough time for swimming but I got to see a quick peak of the pool from the lobby and it definitely looked enticing especially in the hot Singapore weather.

Outdoor Pool
Breakfast is served in the Coffee Lounge near the main lobby. The breakfast buffet covers a wide range of selection - from Japanese, American to Chinese. I would have wanted to stay longer and try each and every cuisine but I had to rush to a meeting so i only got to try some of their creations. Their Eggs Benedicts and Smoked Salmon were the most memorable ones for me.

Goodwood Park Hotel is conveniently situated along Scotts Road which is just a good 5 to 10 minute walk to where all the shops and restaurants are in Orchard.
Definitely worth checking out when you have plans of visiting Singapore with your family.

Goodwood Park Hotel
22 Scotts Road
Singapore 228221.
Tel: +65 6737 7411

*photos on this blog were taken from the hotel's website 

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