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Back in 2008 when Troy was just learning to walk, I heard a lot of comments about not letting the baby use a walker since some research shows that it may have some negative effects on the baby's legs. I am not sure how true but i did not want to take any risk it so i tried other ways to teach him how to walk.

One of the most common step training method was to hold baby's hands up high and guide him to wherever he wants to go. The problem with that method was that after a while, the baby's arms might get tired of being held up for too long, not to mention the back-breaking position you'd be in while reaching down to hold him up.

Another method i've frequently seen was to loop a cloth diaper ("lampin") over the baby's chest and under both his harms and hold it like a leash. I never tried that because i didn't trust myself to hold the "lampin" tight enough for the baby to be 100% secured. Besides, that method still did not address the backpains for the parent or holder.

Finally, one of my friends recommended a solution. Walking Wings!

I started using this when Troy was one year old.  After only a week of use, Troy learned to walk without assistance. I was amazed at how easy it was for the baby and the parent. All you need to do was to wrap the main body of the Walking Wings around the baby's chest and fasten it tightly at the back. Then hold the two long belts which would allow you to walk straight while training the baby how to walk.

When Dawn started showing some interest in walking at 9 to 10 months, i borrowed my friend's Walking Wings again. I thought i'd start early and see how it goes. True enough, after only a few weeks' use, Dawn can now walk confidently walk on her own! The only problem now is for us (parents) to gain the same confidence in letting her do it without assistance. Dawn can easily walk around inside her crib but still needs some guidance when walking on the floor just to ensure she doesn't hurt herself in case she falls.
Dawn on the go
Walking Wings is available at all Rustans Department stores and costs around P1,200 each.  Check it out. It's worth the investment. Your back will thank you for it!

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