Wabitoy: Watch it Grow!

A few months ago i started a little project of clearing up Troy's room of anything that can be allergenic. Most of the items i had to pack away were his stuffed animals.

Troy loves playing with stuffed animals ever since he was a baby. When he was smaller, he had a number of stuffed animals that he extra loves and will not part with even for a day. Given his allergic tendencies, we had to make sure that all stuffed animals be washed regularly. This proved to be challenging because he'd look for them during bedtime and a lengthy explanation is necessary before he'd agree to sleep without them.  Moreover, the stuffed animals don't dry as fast and it will sometimes take a week before he can play with them again. But that was before Wabitoy.

A few days ago I was introduced to this new stuffed animal that grows with water and can be cleaned and dried instantly in a few seconds. I was very excited to test it out when i got home.

The toy looked like a deflated stuffed animal at first. It will appear like the manufacturer forgot to put stuffing inside.

It measured just a little bit bigger than my palm
 You can grow the animal in 3 easy steps. Massage, Squeeze, Dry!

Soak in water
Massage the toy
Squeeze out the excess water
Dry the fur with a towel
I was amazed at how heavy it was after being dried. It kind of soaked up the water but it's not wet at all. It's an interesting little creature.

The manufacturer said it will deflate after a while but you can simply go back to the 3-easy steps and have a chubby little animal again. No sweat!
 Check out before and after pictures below.  


Troy can now play with the animal anytime he likes and i can also wash it every single day. It's even better than being hypo-allergenic. Hurray for mommies! It's a stuffed animal that does not need to be packed away.
Hello little turtle
Wabitoys come in a variety of designs and are sold for only P290 each. It is a great gift for nieces, nephews and curious little 'inaanaks' who seem to have everything. 

They have 10 other designs of Wabitoys. They all look so adorable and i'm curious how each one will turn out once soaked in water.  It's really so hard to choose! 

You may order them online from http://www.spunkdesigns.com/  or reach them through the following contact details:

Spunkdesigns Shop
+632 622 0680
+63917 569 8993
Facebook: spunkdesigns shop

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