Everything is Magical in Disneyland

Compared to the other Disney theme parks in Orlando, LA, and Tokyo, the Hong Kong version was rather compact.  I feel that it is just the perfect size for those traveling with very small children. No need to keep on rushing from one show to another and the entire park was small enough to finish leisurely in a day or two.

There were the usual Disney parades, musical shows, disney-themed rides, and 3D/4D movie adventures. But one thing that i saw in Hong Kong Disneyland that i have not seen anywhere else was this...

Is he for real?! The guy was doing his business cleaning the park when he suddenly paused and started drawing disney characters using his broom and a pail of water. We were wondering whether he is a paid actor/artist or just a really talented maintenance person who had a passion for Disney. I personally feel that he is the latter especially since he went back to sweeping afterwards.

What do you think?

caths  – (December 15, 2011 at 2:11 PM)  

i think they are trained to do this. i saw the exact same thing when i visited the park last dec :) and the guy doing it was different. i was wondering though if they were really cleaning people or artists dressed as cleaners ;P

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