My Echinacea Story

A few months ago, my friend Candy introduced me to this little pink flower called Echinacea. It was not introduced to me as a flower, but as an immune-system booster. Before I tell you about my experience, let me share what has to say about Echinacea.

Echinacea is an herb that is native to areas east of the Rocky Mountains in the United States. It is also grown in western States, as well as in Canada and Europe. Several species of the echinacea plant are used to make medicine from its leaves, flower, and root. Echinacea was used in traditional herbal remedies by the Great Plains Indian tribes. Later, settlers followed the Indians' example and began using echinacea for medicinal purposes as well. For a time, echinacea enjoyed official status as a result of being listed in the US National Formulary from 1916-1950. However, use of echinacea fell out of favor in the United States with the discovery of antibiotics. But now, people are becoming interested in echinacea again because some antibiotics don't work as well as they used to against certain bacteria.
I have a perennial sore throat. My throat is quite sensitive to extreme tastes. Anything that is overly salty, sweet, or sour will automatically hurt my throat. This is the reason why I try to avoid too much chips, sour gummy, or any food with garlic and onion. It's also the reason why I have been used to avoiding ice cream since I was young. In the past, I would take a decongestant once the symptoms of an impending sore throat start to appear. During my younger years, antibiotic was the automatic option when the sore throat does not go away after a week. But around ten years ago, I have decided to be more healthy and do away with unnecessary medicines or, at the very least, look for safer and more natural alternatives.
After being introduced to Echinacea, I did my research and found that it was a good natural alternative to antibiotics. I got myself a bottle from Healthy Options and tested it when my sore throat came.  I took two capsules in the morning and another two at night.  I was very surprised to feel completely well only after a day or two. It was pretty awesome. I started to wonder if there's Echinacea for kids since my children cannot swallow capsules yet.

My kids are now 8 and 5. Since birth, neither of them have taken cough or colds medicines nor antibiotics.  When my kids are unwell, my course of action is always to let them sleep more, stay hydrated, take Manuka honey, and nebulize regularly.  I do give them Paracetamol once in a while when fever reaches higher temperatures as I am afraid of convulsions. While this routine work, I sometimes wonder if it is prolonging the virus' stay in their system.
A few weeks ago, Candy (not a doctor, by the way, but a really trusted friend) gave me a few packs of Esberitox. I later found out that they are a chewable alternative for Echinacea. Hurray! I tried it myself first during my bouts with sore throat and it worked just as well. I have yet to let my kids try it but it's a good alternative to antibiotics for the kids. It's chewable and it tastes pretty good too. To top it off, it's very easy to take while traveling since you do not need water to ingest it.
You may purchase Esberitox  in the Philippines for P1,500 per box (100 tablets per box) through +63917 8337931 (Bettina del Rosario)
Learn more about Echinacea and Exberitox by clicking on the links.



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