Dumaguete Adventure Series: ATV to Tierra Alta

On our last day in Dumaguete, we decided to go to take the kids on an ATV adventure.  We rented a van and drove for about 40 minutes from our resort, Pura Vida, to Tejero Highland Resort and Adventure Park in Valencia.
You have the option to choose the type of ATV you want to drive and the route you wish to take. For our family of two adults and two kids (8 and 5 years old), we got the ATV 300cc and took tour B to Tierra Alta.
The trip lead us to cross mini rivers and ride up the mountain on various types of terrains. It was honestly more exciting (read: scary) than I expected. The kids enjoyed the ride worry-free. I, on the other hand, feared we might topple over some rocks or worst, the mountain edge!
The tour brought us to the Tierra Alta subdivision where we got to take photos up the lighthouse. It felt a bit like a real estate tour - which is probably accurate given that the operator of the ATV is the same group as the developers of the Tierra Alta subdivision.
The entire tour took about 1 hour, including the stop at Tierra Alta. It was a great experience, especially for our kids who rarely get to ride on motorcycles and the like.

You may book by calling Tejero Highland Resort at 0917-707-0791. Lines open between 8am and 5pm Mondays-Fridays.


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