Pylones is French Like the Eiffel Tower

Last week, the SoMoms were invited to visit the Pylones store in Glorietta. Each time i walk past the branch in Powerplant, i am immediately drawn and are often tempted to go inside and check out their products. I often think of Pylones as a colorful wasteland. But truth is, their items are not only cute, they're also very useful!
Here are some facts about Pylones that i learned during our recent visit:
  • First things first - Pylones is pronounced as "Pee-loans"
  • It is a French word meaning 'A steel tower supporting high-tension wires' or 'A large structure or group of structures marking an entrance or approach' ...and yes, the Eiffel Tower is a Pylone!
  • Pylones started in Paris in 1985 and opened their first store in 1988
  • The first Pylones product was the animal latex bracelet
  • The barrels used for display in the stores are actually containers of the latex (raw materials) used.  

  • Pylones was started by a French couple and is still 100% owned by the founding family to this day.
  • All products are designed in France and manufactured in both France and China. The Pylones Group is very involved in the production process in both locations.
  • The China factory has obtained BSCI and ISO 9001 certifications in 2013. They are very conscious of maintaining high standards and ensuring all materials used are safe and non-toxic
Pylones Philippines has a back-to-school promo for all your little (and not-so-little) kids out there! They have assembled a variety of happy packs containing everything from pens to fashionable tumblers suited for to fit your child's personality. Buying the happy packs will give you savings of up to P700. How cool is that?
Nerdy Pack: For that whiz-kid that is oh-so-techy! The pack comes with a cool laptop sleeve, a mouse, mouse pad, and a stylus pen. 

Girly Girl Pack: This is for perfect for my little girl who loves all things pink and pretty! The pack comes with a bee pen with post-it petals, cute hair clips, notebooks and pens with cases.

Artsy Pack: Calling all budding artists out there. This pack is for you! It contains fashionable pens, small magnetic scissors, crafty punchers, and a graphic A5 pouch to put all your art stuff in.

Boyscout Pack: Now my son isn't exactly a 'boyscout' type but he is sporty and loves the outdoors. So i got this for him. It comes with an eye-catching thermos, an umbrella with a Pylones character on the handle and an LED flashlight. Great for my little boy who loves adventures!

So what are you waiting for? Get a happy pack for each of your kid now and get them excited to go back to school!

Upper Ground Floor, 
SM Aura, BGC
Tel +63 2 808 5329
Mobile +63 905 809 5454

R2, Power Plant Mall,
Makati City
Tel +63 2 846 8023
Mobile +63 917 849 4139

Ground Floor,
Glorietta 5, Makati City
Tel +63 2 846 1611
Mobile +63 917 538 1903

Instagram: @pylonesph

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