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A few weeks ago, Neva and i found ourselves eating to our hearts' content at BonChon.  They had a number of new offerings that are ideal for snacks or light meals. Although to be honest, what we ate that day was anything but light!
Scott Tan, owner of BonChon Philippines
Before i introduce the new offerings to you, let me quickly share with you some facts that i learned about BonChon during the event.
  • BonChon is originally from Korea
  • There are now 160 branches of BonChon worldwide, half of which are located here in the Philippines
  • Because of BonChon's large Philippine presence, the head office has given the Philippine office a hand on food innovations and even marketing ideas. Other than the original BonChon chicken, all of the other food offerings were created here in the Philippines.
Now for the food.  Here are my top pics:
Fish & Chips P125

Double Garlic Snackwich P75
There is also the Double Spicy Snackwich alternative at the same price. I tried it and i found it too spicy for my taste. The feedback from people who love spicy food was great though. I think they like that it's truly doubly spicy unlike other sandwiches that claim to be spicy but lacks the kick. 
Fish Taco at P75 each
Apple Caramel Crispy Crepe at P60 each
There is also the Mangoes and Cream alternative for the Crispy Crepe. I prefer the Apple Caramel though.

And for my personal favorite...
Sweet Potato Fries at P60
The Sweet Potato Fries tastes so good! It's a good mix of salty and sweet.

Hop to to the nearest BonChon outlet and try these new snack offerings. I appreciate that they're well priced. Not too expensive considering the quality of the ingredients.

BonChon, i will be back! Promise!

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