Detox in a Bottle (Day 2)

I am on Day 2 of my Juice cleanse. So far so good. Day 1 had it's good and bad moments but they're mostly good.  Unlike the previous cleanses that i did which were sheer torture, Detox in a Bottle was pretty enjoyable. I looked forward to my drinks and it didn't really make me so hungry that i can't get through it anymore.

I found that sleeping early (like 9pm!) helped me get over the hunger pangs and cravings. I would usually wake up again after putting the kids to sleep but last night, i just slept through the night with them. I had to wake up twice during the night to pee - something that i almost never do. Maybe that's the effect of my body detoxifying itself. I woke up at 6 in the morning and weighed myself. I didn't really lose much weight but my clothes fit better today. I'm pretty sure i lost an inch here and there.
Day 2's menu looked exactly like Day 1 except for lunch. I had Cream of Roasted Veggies today. It was also very good. Creamy yet it's non-dairy. I preferred Day 1's soup though.

Since Day 2's drinks are practically like Day 1, i didn't bother to take pictures anymore. My all-time favorite would still be the 10am Chili Lemonade followed by the 8am Energy Blast. The Kidney Cleanse didn't taste as bad today maybe because i was already half expecting it to taste awful.  I just followed the not-so-tasty drinks with a cup of organic peppermint tea to wash out the after taste.

I decided not to proceed with Day 3 because i have dinner plans with friends tomorrow night. And honestly, the smell of Boy Bawang has been haunting me since yesterday.  I think this is the best detox program that i have tried to date. I can continue with my regular work and exercise schedule without difficulty. You don't need to be near a bathroom like the other detox programs recommend. You may pee more than usual but that's just about. Everything else is 'business as usual'.

There are two kinds of detox programs under this brand. There is the Cleanse formula (P2,000 per day) and the Weightloss formula (P2,500 per day). I initially wanted to try the Cleanse formula since i honestly wasn't focused on losing weight. But i was told that they are essentially the same ingredients except that the Weightloss formula was just more potent. This means that if you're after a thorough cleanse, the Weightloss formula would still be your best bet. 

I hope to do this regularly from now on. But we'll see...Christmas is just around the corner so holiday meals abound. I will need to gain more will power the 2nd time around.

You may contact Nikki from Detox in a Bottle at 966 3393 or if you'd like to order.  You They will deliver the bottles to you the day before your cleanse day.

Enjoy and tell me about your experience too, okay?


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