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Merry Christmas!

Having a Christmas tree at home is very important for our family not only for aesthetic purposes but also because every Christmas eve our family gathers around the tree to open presents.

Growing up, my parents has taught us patience by setting aside gifts under the tree as we receive them.  We can only open them together at the strike of midnight after we enjoy our annual Noche Buena (Christmas eve feast). Dens and i have instilled the same discipline in our children.  Troy has learned the art of self-control this year. I am fascinated at how he brings home unopened gifts from school and dutifully places them under the tree. There are still days when he tries to ask me if he can open 'just one gift, mommy...please!' but after several failed attempts, he has learned to stop asking and just patiently wait for Christmas.

So you see, our Christmas tree is more than just a lovely reminder of the yuletide season. It has been a part of our family's most anticipated christmas tradition.

Dens and i put up our first Christmas tree in 2008, the year Troy was born. We used stuffed toys as ornaments as we didn't want any broken ornaments that can be a safety-hazard.  This is to protect Troy from the tree...and vise versa.

This year we have been blessed with our first baby girl. So i thought a more feminine tree is in order. On top of our stuffed snowmen, bears, and moose, we added some precious moments ornaments for our little Dawn.
I am sure our tree will continue to evolve as the kids grow up. Maybe in a few years, our kids will have more input on the ornaments that will hang on our tree. So until the day when we will probably have hanging cars and barbie dolls on the trees, here's wishing everyone a merry merry christmas.

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