My Own Version of Baked Eggs & Cheese

Just like most readers of Samatha Sotto’s book, Before Ever After, I wondered how Max's Baked Eggs and Cheese tastes like each time i came across it in the story.

Several weeks ago, i stumbled upon My Mom-Friday's recipe post here and did a mental note to try that one of these days.

One Saturday, i woke up thinking what i can cook for breakfast. I thought of the usual french toast, sunny side up eggs and toasted spam...then i had an idea. I'll use the same ingredients and make my own version of the Baked Eggs and Cheese. I still had some mozzarella cheese leftover from our pizza cooking spree (see post about it here) and i almost always have parmesan and cheddar at home anyway. So i'm all set for this experiment.

Here are the ingredients i had on hand
Spam, Thyme, Eggs, Bacon, Mozzarella, Parmesan, and Cheddar cheese
Start by toasting the spam until you achieve a nice golden color.
Toast the spam on a frying pan
Place the spam evenly on the cornelle baking dish and add 3 eggs on top.  I later on realized that you can add more eggs so that your entire tray is fully covered.

Add grated parmesan cheese and mozzarella cheese on top. Then cover the entire dish with sliced cheddar cheese.

Put the dish inside the oven and bake in medium heat for about 10 minutes or until the cheese melts and the egg forms.
And there you have it, a very simple Baked Eggs & Cheese recipe.
Best served with toasted bread and garnished with Basil and Thyme.
This version is very easy and serves around 6. Although the 3 of us (Dens, my sister Tammy and myself) were extra hungry that morning and finished everything at one go. The good thing with this recipe was that it was easy enough for me to instantly make another one for the rest of the family. Probably only took about 15 minutes or so to prepare everything.

Try it and create your own version. For my next attempt, i will add tomato and basil. I will also add more eggs and mozzarella cheese. YUM!

Note: Did you wonder what happened to the bacon which kind of got lost along the way? Well, i wanted to mix it with the spam but i burnt it to a crisp.  Not the golden crispy kind but more like black charcoal crisp.  Oh well, my cooking skills are improving but it's not perfect. Bacons are not so healthy anyway ;P  

Mom-Friday  – (November 11, 2011 at 11:20 PM)  

Perfect breakfast. Glad you tried this! :) thanks for the linkback

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