McDonald's National Breakfast Day Just Got Better

A lot of us started this workweek celebrating McDonald's 4th national breakfast day.  Thousands of Filipinos woke up earlier than usual and headed to one of the 400 participating McDonald's branches nationwide that served free McMuffins from 6am to 7am. This included the brand's most recent endorsers Alden Richards and Main Mendoza, popularly known as "Aldub", who served the customers at the McDonald's Bluebay Walk! I am not really a fan of "Aldub" but it would have been wonderful to get free breakfast and do some celebrity sightings on a Monday morning (yes, sometimes I can be chaka like that).
The breakfast event was lead by McDonald's Philippines Presdient and CEO, Kenneth S. Yang. "We celebrated our first National Breakfast Day in 2013 to share the goodness of a McDonald's breakfast to more Filipinos," said Yang.
This year, McDonald's took serving breakfast to a whole new level. After the March 14 event, the servers went out of their comfort zone and served breakfast to those people and organizations who were unable to visit McDonald's at the designated hour due to the nature of their work.
Watch this video and see what I am talking about. It is worth 2:59 mins of your time.
Aside from the fishermen, McDonald's also served breakfasts to some security guards, hospital staffs, and public school teachers.
Thank you, McDonald's Philippines. Your generosity is contagious.

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