The Things You Do For Love

It happened on Valentine's day.  I was tasked to host a special event in church as I usually do. The program was a mix of couple games, videos of old photos, and song numbers by husbands who serenaded their wives.  Towards the end of the night, I called the last scheduled singer up on stage. I looked at him and positioned to give him the microphone but he remained sitting down, smiling at me. I thought, maybe he did not realize I already called him. But before I could say anything further, music started to fill the room. Then I heard a guy singing...or something like that. A few seconds later, I saw my husband coming from the back of the room, walking towards me singing our song. The things we do for love. Now if you know Dens, you will understand why this gesture is so special. This guy cannot carry a tune, I tell you. But he has a big heart and a lot of courage to do things over and beyond his capabilities for the people he loves. That is one of the million reasons why I am in love with him.
Last week one of our good friends tagged Dens and I on Facebook. He said this video reminded him of Dens. I watched it and cried my heart out. It does look like something Dens would do. There is no shame in loving with all of our hearts.  
So, love, when's your first ballet recital with Dawn? :)

...and oh, by the way, Happy 15 years :)


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