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"One man's food is another man's poison."

A couple of weeks ago, i got invited to try the Food Intolerance Test at LifeScience - a newly opened wellness center in Bonifacio Global City that focuses on anti-aging and preventive medicine.  I heard about LifeScience through Jennie Epperson's blog over a month ago and have been very interested to check it out since then. So when the invite came, i said yes in a heartbeat.

One of the more popular diagnostic tests at LifeScience is the Food Intolerance Test (FIT). A lot of people misconstrue food intolerance to food allergies.

Here is how the Mayo Clinic differentiates the two:

"A true food allergy causes an immune system reaction that affects numerous organs in the body. It can cause a range of symptoms. In some cases, an allergic food reaction can be severe or life-threatening. In contrast, food intolerance symptoms are generally less serious and are limited to digestive problems." 

Unlike food allergies, food intolerance symptoms generally come on gradually and don't involve an immune system reaction (ex. skin rash, instant swelling, shortness of breath or wheezing). Food intolerance may produce a variety of symptoms including bloating, constipation, chronic fatigue syndrome (like when you always feel sleepy after a meal), diarrhea, gastritis, headaches, hyper acidity, insomnia, water retention, weight control problems and even attention deficit disorder.

The doctors at LifeScience explained that people who frequently ate food that they are intolerant to usually complain of a general feeling of unwellness. Medical tests may show that they are fine so they would automatically assume that it's 'all in their mind'.

There are two kinds of Food Intolerance Test at the wellness center.  The first one is called Food Print which is a more thorough food intolerance test covering over 200 food items. This test is a bit more expensive and results are usually available within 10 working days. 

Blood Extraction
The other one called the Food Detective which is a quick test that can give you the results in just 40 minutes. This covers 46 common food items and costs P8,500 only. This is what i tried.

I booked an appointment prior to my visit. Upon arrival, i was asked to proceed to the extraction room where blood sample was taken by finger-pricking. Easy-peasy. Then i waited outside and was offered coffee/tea while i filled out the patient profile. The place felt like a Spa. So calm and relaxing.  And the fact that i was sitting on Kenneth Cobonpue furniture while sipping hot tea felt even more luxurious. 

After less than 40 minutes, i was ushered to the nutritionist's room where the results will be discussed with me. The nutritionist was not yet there so i was able to take some pictures while waiting. Check out the Herman Miller chair! They definitely did not scrimp on the furniture.
My results show that i am intolerant to 6 out of the 46 food items on the food detective card.
Rice was on the list and this made sense. I stopped eating rice over 20 years ago. The reason was not to diet.  I noticed that i often felt bloated and acidic after eating rice. This also resulted in constant hyper acidity and a false sense of hunger only an hour or so after my meals.

Wheat was a recent discovery for me. Early this year, i had several episodes of vomiting and diarrhea for no reason at all. My endoscopy and colonoscopy procedure show that i have a slow digestive system. I did my own research and learned about the negative effects of Gluten on digestion. So i decided to eliminate this from my diet as a test.  After a week or so, i noticed less bloating and no more recurring episodes of vomiting nor diarrhea. Since Gluten is a a protein composite found in wheat, eliminating Gluten meant eliminating wheat from my diet. Of course, i cannot cut wheat 100% of the time but i have significantly lowered my consumption after the Food Detective test confirmed my self experiment early this year. I have not had any vomiting or episodes of diarrhea for the past 6 months. Praise God!

Other food items that i was found to be intolerant to were Celery (surprise surprise!), Legume Mix, Mushroom (this is the hardest to cut from my diet), and Yeast.

You see, most of the above mentioned food are considered healthy.  However, they can be good food to one person but poison to another. This is why taking the Food Intolerance Test is very important to know your body's unique needs.

If you want to find out more about LifeScience and the other services that they offer, you may book an appointment or reach out to them through the following contact details: 

Tel: +632 828 LIFE (5433)
Mobile: +63917 535 LIFE (5433)
8th Floor ACCRA Law Tower
2nd Avenue corner 30th Street
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

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