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During the holiday season, fire safety is often a concern.  With all the Christmas lights and additional electrical usage, more caution is definitely required to keep our homes safe.

A few months ago, one of my friends told me about Smart Plugs. It honestly took me a while to appreciate the concept since it looks just like a regular electrical outlet to me.  At first glance, i noticed that it uses USB sockets instead of the usual ones that we have been used to.  So i's true that a lot of gadgets come with USB cords these days, but my cynical mind questioned its value.  Why not just plug my USB cords into the power adaptors that come with it? It will charge my gadgets just the same anyway.  So I decided to do my own research. My findings scared me enough to ask my friend to install the Smart Plugs in our home. 

A year after i bought my first iPhone in 2008, the power adapter stopped working. The USB cord was fine but i had to purchase a new adapter otherwise I'll be left charging my iPhone through my Laptop all the time.  I initially thought of going the cheaper route of buying a generic power adapter. But my office mate told me how his generic charger eventually damaged the battery of his iPhone making its life shorter. So i decided to buy the original, though more expensive, adapter from Mac.  After my recent research, i felt relieved that i bought the original charger. Apparently, there have been cases of generic power adapters exploding and nearly burning the house down.
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After further research, i later on learned that even original power adapters from reputable companies are not free from danger. These original power adapters have also been known to overheat to dangerous levels. In fact, Apple has recalled millions of iPhone 3G adapters in 2008 for similar reasons. 

All of these findings lead me to believe that the danger is really in the power adapter. So what's my solution then? Smart Plugs! Yes, i finally appreciated its function.  We had it installed and are now happily  charging without power adapters at home.  Installation is not too complicated. Ours took less than an hour to complete.  I still keep the power adapters for traveling, but I can rest easier knowing that  our family is safe from the risk of shock hazards that power adapters bring. 

Smart Plugs come in four styles (see picture below).  We had the FU-A25C installed near our bedside table.  It comes with an electrical socket that we use to plug our table lamp and two USB chargers to plug in my iPhone and Blackberry. Just perfect for a two-gadget gal like me.
I encourage you to try it out. It's also good to install the purely USB plugs in your child's bedroom or play area so that there is no danger of them touching an open electrical outlet. 

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