Chocolate Chip Cookies

I remember when I first saw my cousin letting her son play with a cooking set years ago, my immediate reaction was 'Naku, delikado yan! Boy? Cooking?' But my cousin just shrugged and said that's what her son likes.

When Troy was 3, he also developed a love for cooking. He asked my sister to buy him a cooking set - to which she did, against my reluctant will. My sister said 'Color blue naman eh' - okay, fine.  I remember thinking he should only be playing with cars, robots and action figures. Not cooking!

Two years have passed and he still loves to play chef and waiter. He loves to take orders, cook the food, and serve them. I have now come to appreciate his love for cooking.  I love how he diligently takes orders and even suggests food that are available. I love how he always asks his little sister to join in the fun and help him cook or serve the food. It has now become their favorite playtime together.

To futher encourage his love for cooking, i often engage him in some cooking/baking activities as shared here (mini pizza and fish fingers) and here (Nutella Breakfast Roll-ups). Last Saturday, we made some chocolate chip cookies.
Place batter/dough in a baking pan

For kids, i find it's easier to use cookie-cut pans

You may also opt to just put 1 tablespoon of batter/dough but make
sure you allow for space for the cookie to spread once baked

Pre-heat oven to 350 F
Allow 5 minutes for cookies to cool after
you take them out from the oven
Troy enjoyed the experience immensely! I'm very happy since Troy did 90% of the work by himself. It's a labor of love and it tastes good too!  It is actually baby-sister-approved. As Dawn would say 'It's soo yummy, Ahia!'

The first batch is almost done. We're doing batch #2 next week :)

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