My Babypalooza Experience

So last weekend was tiring but productive.  My friend Candy and i sold a lot of used/unused pre-loved items at the Babypalooza Bazaar. I got there around 9:00am and was done setting up before 9:30am. The bazaar officially opened at 10:00am.
Candy, our little seller Kimi, and me
The venue was at the 2nd floor of the Walter Hogan Hall within the Ateneo compound.  The bazaar was a mix of branded (new) items and pre-loved ones. I saw a lot of my online friends there and met some new ones too!

Here is a quick run down of the booths i've visited.

Tickled Moms sold some really nice mesh baby pouches. I like that the fabric is quick-drying and breathable. So perfect for a day in the beach with your little ones.
I saw Paola of MommyTreats there too! Paola makes the best brownies ever! All her treats are meant to increase milk supply for breastfeeding moms.  It's really so delicious that i'm pretty sure i will continue to order even when i've stopped breastfeeding my little girl. I got to try the peppermint brownies during the event and it was sooo good! You can check out Paola's site and order from her here.
My sister, Tammy, of Spunkdesigns also had a booth there. Tammy sells the cutest little trinkets that are perfect as gifts to friends or giveaways during your events.  All the items are so cute you'd want to keep them for yourselves! You can visit her site here or like her facebook page to get regular updates here
I also met Helen of Hatch & Latch during the event. I've ordered the very effective More Milk Plus capsules from her before but we've never met in person.
I also came across Smart Steps during the bazaar. They sell detergent and bottle cleansers that are safe for babies. I personally haven't used it but some of you may be interested.

I actually got the mosquito patches since they have really unique designs that my kids love! I got baby avengers for Troy and Disney princess for Dawn.
There were so many stores selling adorable and affordable items. I had to stop myself from shopping those two days. I had to remind myself that i was there to dispose of old things and not hoard new ones.
Cute mommy & baby matching clothes

Babypalooza's Celeste and her husband

 Event styling by Red Riding Hood

Sole Gifts & Novelties
I initially felt that the traffic of people coming in was very slow.  But at the end of the first day, i was able to empty two out of three of our luggage-full-of-stuff already! And on the 2nd day, we were able to sell our stroller, car seat, and high chair plus another load of stuff. Since my mission was to free up storage space while making some money out of it, i believe it's safe to say that my weekend was truly very successful!

Not only is the event a good venue to sell your pre-loved items, it's also a great way to network with other entrepreneurs for your businesses.
I look forward to the next Babypalooza event and hope to still be able to join if my schedule permits. Hope to see you there too!

Happy week ahead, everyone!

Great Understanding Rules Over ME  – (February 18, 2013 at 11:54 PM)  

The BabyPalooza event was great! Hope we can go to another one within the year. :D We enjoyed buying pre-loved books for ourselves (my husband and I ;p), which we'll eventually pass on to our daughter (once she's already in preschool). :D - Margie Cruz-Amante

Tiffany  – (February 19, 2013 at 10:12 AM)  

Thanks, Margie. See you in the next bazaar!

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