Behind the Scenes at the Pinoy MasterChef Live Cook-off

Last February 9, i celebrated my inner 'chaka-ness' and went with my sister and some friends to the live taping of the MasterChef finale show.  I rarely watch television these days so I didn't even know there was a local franchise of the said show here in the Philippines.  My sister and I already scheduled something that day but when the marketing person of the show called her up to say they were giving her four (4) VIP seats, we willingly rearranged our schedule. Yes to 'star-sighting'!

The taping was scheduled to start at 9:30am. We were told that it's best to go early to get good seats. It was held at the SM Sky Dome near SM North Edsa. That was a good 30 to 40 minutes away from where we live but we were determined to go. We got to the taping before 8:00am and saw a bunch of people lined up with banners and balloons.
It took us a while to get in so I had a few minutes to go around the Sky Dome and see what it's like. The last time I was in SM North Edsa was back in high school. It's been a while and so much has changed.
My Instagram picture of the SM Sky Dome restaurants
There were various establishments from Starbucks to Gerry's Grill on the 2nd floor of the Sky Dome. It was a pretty nice place actually.

We were finally able to get in the theater around 9:15am and saw the lightsmen and production crew setting up the camera and other props on stage. By 9:30am, one of the crew members started prepping the crowd. They taught us cheers and dances that we will be doing during the show. I felt like i was on the Ellen Degeneres show! Okay, fine - it was very Wowowie!
me, my sister, and our friend, Yovi
The production crew having their picture taken with ABS-CBN's Director Lauren Dyogi
Front Act performance by Yeng Constantino
Judy Ann came out to start the show. I was never a fan and have always thought she looked quite chubby on screen even after she lost weight. But wow, the camera does add 10 lbs! She was very slim and pretty in person. I was very impressed.
Richard Gomez and Kris Aquino were the judges for the finale show. We were able to see Richard up close since Director Lauren Dyogi sat in front of us and he came to say hello.

Judy Ann announcing announce the Top 3
Judy Ann and the three other chefs (Judy Ann's 2nd outfit)

The top 3 contestants (JR, Carla, and Ivory) was tasked to prepare a dish within 30 minutes. Each contestant had their own cooking table and a variety of ingredients available to them. As soon as they started cooking, the entire auditorium started to smell like food. We were seriously starting to get really hungry. My mind was already wandering and thinking where to have lunch.


Ivory (with Kris & Richard in the background)

Time's Up!
Carla won 2nd place (Judy Ann's 3rd outfit!)
JR won 1st place

It was a fun experience to see the stars and be part of this event. Here's to more 'tapings' in the future!

NOTE: Thanks to Maricar Camorongan for all the pictures taken during the show. She did a great job covering the event and captured the highlights beautifully. If you're looking for an event photographer that produces excellent pictures at really reasonable prices, do get in touch with her.

Maricar Camorongan -  0917-8015427

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