Starbucks Drive-Thru

The first Starbucks drive-thru in the Philippines opened 2 years ago at the Bonifacio Global City. I have been eyeing it for so long but never really got the chance to try it.

One morning, about two months ago, i was happily driving by the area and thought of checking it out. If you're coming from Serendra/Market Market going towards the Buendia flyover, you'd only get one chance to turn right to get to the drive-thru and that's it. I missed that and turned right at the next corner...long story short, i got pulled over by a cop for going through a one-way street.  So after my long discussion (read: super makaawa) with the cop, i was finally on my way to fullfill my starbucks cravings once again.

It looks very much like a regular fast food drive-thru. There is a menu board and an LCD screen with speakers where you give your order.
You drive along further and are greeted by cheerful Starbucks baristas who hand over the drink to you. I'm not sure why but they prepared the drink really really fast! It was already ready by the time i reached the window and i'm pretty sure i wasn't driving 5 kph.
I happily drove away contented with my tall Chai Tea Latte (non-fat, extra-hot, extra-pump). It's my comfort drink forever!

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