A21: Walk for Freedom this Saturday!

I have seen too many movies on human trafficking and heard countless stories. I have felt empathy for the women and children who have been abused and turned to sex slaves. But while I felt sad hearing these stories, they were just that to me. Stories. 
Then I was told of how Christine Caine, founder of the A21 organization, talk about rescuing many children who have been on the "Missing Children" list of the police for so long. Then it became more real to me. Those children were probably stolen under their parents' watch. In the malls, in theme parks, while they were on vacation. Those children could have been your children. Those children could have been mine.
Children who grew up in the human trafficking environment are not even called by their names anymore. Even the children forget and identify themselves by a  number. It hurts me to think of my own children forgetting they have a name and an indentity. They are not a number. These children are someone's child. Their parents probably thought long and hard before deciding on their name. They are not just a number.
A21 is a non-profit, non-government organization that work to stop individuals from becoming victims of human trafficking by educating families.  They rescue and provide a safe environment for the survivors by running restoration programs in their aftercare facilities.  Watch videos of their stories here .
This Saturday, October 15, 2016, you can help this cause by joining us in celebrating the freedom of the survivors. From 9am to 12nn, we will be walking in BGC to raise awareness of human trafficking and wake people's hearts to these cruelties happening around the world. Walk with us. Celebrate their freedom and raise awareness to stop human trafficking.
There are four ways you can  help:
(1) Walk for Freedom.  If you would like to participate, you may register online HERE. The event is free but you need to register in order to join. Wear a black shirt for the walk.
(2) You may purchase A21 shirts and caps by contacting walkforfreedomph@gmail.com or dropping by the merchandise booths during the event on Saturday.
(3) If you would like to help further through sponsorship or donations, you may also do so by sending an email to walkforfreedomph@gmail.com
(4) Finally, you can pray. Pray for the victims who have yet to be rescued and pray for those who are currently going through rehabilitation,.  Pray for A21 that God will continue to use them and provide for their needs. And pray for protection for all of our family members.
So you see, these stories are no longer just stories to us. They are real and we need to do something about it.
Join us as we #WalkForFreedom this Saturday.


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