Don't Live in Hindsight

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The alarm clock sets off and you realize it's Monday morning. You start wishing and counting the days before it is Friday again.
Then there's the perennial need to have a vacation after a vacation. You come home from a vacation immediately hoping and anticipating for the next one.
We all love to do this, don't we? While it is not wrong to look forward to events, we must also not dread the 'in between'.
Life happens whether we like it or not.  If we remain passive about it, we are simply wasting our lives away.
I love what writer Jennifer Lee says. "Let's not wait until we come across an old photo, only to realize we walked right past the happy that was in front of us all along". It's so true, isn't it? We rush the days ahead yet we look back with longing hoping to turn back the time. The irony of our lives.
Don't waste your life wishing for a better tomorrow and regretting yesterday's mistakes.
Hindsight is a painful teacher.
So whether you are reading this post on a Friday or a Monday, I pray that you enjoy Today.

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