Fun Lunch at Gengki Sushi, BGC

Last Tuesday, my sister Tammy and I decided to celebrate her birthday with a lunch date in the newly opened Gengki Sushi in BGC. We have actually eaten at a Gengki Sushi branch in Hawaii earlier this year and was not particularly impressed.  But the rave reviews of the BGC branch were hard to ignore so we decided to give it a try.
The moment we walked in, we already knew the experience was going to be far from the branch in Hawaii. The place looked very vibrant with its white and red interior. The branch in Hawaii is probably the older Gengki Sushi set up with the sushi conveyor going around.
Each table is set up with its own menu tablet where you can place your order, plus a faucet for your matcha green tea refills.
Ordering is done by selecting the items listed under the different tabs on the tablet. You may place three orders at a time which will be reflected on the bullet train icon found at the bottom right hand side of the screen. Click on the red ORDER button to place your order and wait for a few minutes for the bullet train to deliver your food.
Food is delivered quite fast. Good service, bullet train!
Shrimp Kakiage for the birthday girl!
What I also love about the place is the bottomless matcha green tea. You get the matcha powder and have a hot water faucet for unlimited refill. I must say the matcha green tea is sooo good!
Here is a portion of our fun Japanese lunch. I was not able to take a photo but the tablet can also show you your running bill. A great way to avoid surprises upon billing out. Note though that there is a 10% add-on fee for service charge that is not indicated on the running bill review.
The food is good though nothing really exceptional taste-wise. I will definitely be back for the experience though. The kids don't eat sushi but they would love to see the train delivering the food. They have rice toppings and tempura anyway which are perfect options for the children. Try it out and tell me what you think.
Gengki Sushi is located at the 2nd level of the newly opened dining hub, Bonifacio Stopover, at the corner of Rizal Drive and 31st street in BGC.

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