Tried and Tested Tips on Traveling with Kids

As you know from my previous post, i recently traveled with my two kids to Thailand. Here are some tips and tools that helped me go through it with ease.

1. Fill out all embarkation cards at home.  It's very difficult to be too busy filling out the cards in a crowded airport when you need to fix your eyes on your kids every 5 seconds. Likewise, i also suggest filling out disembarkation and custom & immigration cards inside the airplane for the same reason.

2.  Bring a stroller.  This will be your best decision ever. Of course, you need to train your children to ride in strollers beforehand. Otherwise you will find yourself chasing the kids while carrying the stroller. Not glamorous at all.

My personal favorite is the Aprica Karoon Plus. I love how lightweight it is and that i can open and close the stroller with one hand.

3. Another option is to use a Backpark with Harness. I bought ours a long long time ago but never had the heart to use it. I was torn between safety and having people think we're treating our kids like dogs on a leash.  But this recent trip made me rethink my priorities. There were times when Troy was tired and Dawn would offer the stroller to her brother.  This means she will need to walk with me instead. I would still hold her hand (and the leash) while walking. But at least in case i had to use my hands to fill out forms or get some things from my bag, there is no risk of her running away on her own.  So i decided that people may judge all they want but my kids' safety is more important than that.
 4.  Bring out new activity books or download new games or movies on your iPhones and iPads. These will keep them entertained during the waiting period (in flight and pre-boarding). Please note that it has to be NEW. Old games and books may not excite them enough to keep still for a long time.

5.  Bring water bottles that are half-filled with water. I personally use the Thermos Funtainers for my kids because it's spill-proof.  The reason it's important to bring them is so that you don't need to ask for cups with water while eating inside the airplane. Imagine the chaos when they accidentally flip the table and spill the water. Not cool (or ironically, that's all your legs are going to feel when the water spills). I always just ask the flight attendant to fill the water bottles with water in case we run out. I prefer them half-filled since i don't want to carry heavy containers inside my bag.

6.  Put your safety on!  I found two very useful identification tags for my kids.

The first is the MyTag ( Klein slender silicone bracelets.  It's really chic and useful. I had my kids' names engraved together with our contact details (mobile number and email address) on the steel tag. I taught my kids to show these to the security guards in case they cannot find us. They only cost P400 each which already comes with the engraving.

The next one is the Safetytat Tattoo (  It's a temporary tattoo that will last for about 3 days of sweat and shower. I used this on my 3-year old since she may be too young to fully explain the concept of the ID bracelet.  I like her contact details to be immediately seen in case someone needs to reach us. I placed the tattoo on her arm and wrote down our contact number using the special pen that came with it.

7.  Finally, talk with your children before the trip.  As i've mentioned in my previous post, they are more matured that we usually give them credit for. Explain the dangers of being too rowdy in a crowded place and what they can do to help make the trip enjoyable for the entire family.

That's it! Hope you found these tips helpful. Have fun on your next vacation.

cheekeegirl  – (June 25, 2014 at 12:16 PM)  

These are really helpful especially to parents who have toddlers. Special mention to items 3 and 6. Those are great ideas.

Gladys  – (March 4, 2016 at 11:37 AM)  

Hi! These are really helpful tips! Where did you buy your Thermos Funtainers? :)

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