Name Your Grapevine and Win a P5k GC from The Spa!

If you have been reading this blog for a while now, you will know that i am a big fan of Caudalie products.  The main reason i love Caudalie is because its products are made from grapes and thus contain high levels of Polyphenols. 

I learned about the benefits of Polyphenols over 5 years ago in my quest for natural beauty and wellness. I am currently using an eye cream that is rich with grape Polyphenol. Studies show that this same substance in some woods explains their natural preservation from rot.  Now can you imagine why it will be good for our skin? Moreover, can you imagine the benefits of high polyphenols in our body? Hello fountain of youth!

Growing up, i must admit that i am not a big fan of grape juices. It reminds me of an old cough syrup that i hated. When i gave birth in 2006, a lot of family and friends gave me Welch's grape juice drinks - they said it's very good post-natal as your body recovers to its pre-natal form. So i did my research and my findings made me change my mind about grape juice - specifically Welch's.

About Welch's:
  • Made from whole Concord Grapes with no added sugar, flavouring or colors
  • Rich in Polyphenols - that antioxidant that will keep you young and healthy
  • High in Vitamin C
Have you heard the saying that drinking a glass of red wine can lower your chances of cardiovascular diseases? Well, it's true. It's because of the Polyphenols from the grapes of that red wine. For non-alcohol lovers and kids, you can still get the same benefits from drinking a glass of natural grape juice daily.

I now see the benefits and i know taste can be acquired. With a few ice cubes on a hot summer day, i can imagine enjoying that Welch's grape juice with my family. 

Now, for another good news! Welch's has an ongoing promo on Facebook called "Name Your Grapevine". The intention is really to build an online network of mothers who can support each other in any mom-related concern.

Here's how to join:

  1. Participant must be a fan of Welch’s Facebook page to be a qualified winner.
  2. Participant must post the photo entry with at least 3-5 mom friends, name their Grapevine (or the name of their group), include the hashtag #MyWelchsGrapevine, tag Welch’s PH and their mom friends in the photo. No hashtag and same photo entry from a group of mom friends will not be considered a valid entry.
  3. Promo period will run from March 10-April 7, 2014
  4. The entries will be judged on the following criteria:
            Quality of photo – 30%
            Grapevine Name – 30%
            Overall creativity – 30%
            Facebook likes of the entry – 10%

  1. Announcement of winners shall be done weekly.
  2. Claiming of prizes will be announced upon announcement of winners.
  3. Weekly winners will receive The Spa GC worth P5k and a Welch’s gift pack. Four (4) participants will receive a Welch’s Gift Pack as a consolation prize.
  1. Moms tagged in the photo entry shall be the ones to avail The Spa Party Package.
  2. There will be a documentation of the spa party for moms to be posted on Welch’s Facebook page.

Go ahead! Share your barakada picture and get a chance to win a SPArty for you and your friends!

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