Disney World, Orlando Florida

The first and original Disneyland in LA was built in 1955.  Almost two decades later, a bigger Disney park was built in 1971 on the other side of the United States and this was called Disney World.

Disney World consists of four separate theme parks. Unlike most Disneylands all over the world, when you visit Disney World, you will definitely need more than a day to cover all the parks.

The most popular Disney park is Magic Kingdom. This is very similar to the Disneylands in LA, Hong Kong, Paris, Japan. Most the rides are pretty much the same.  So if you have been to Disneyland and have very limited time in Orlando, I would say that visiting this park does not need to be top priority. Of course, if you still go for the classic Disney themes (Dumbo, Snow White, Cinderella, etc), then you may still want to visit the Magic Kingdom since most classic Disney characters will be there.
my dad with goofy 
Minnie Mouse 
Partying with Chip...or Dale?
Hey Donald!
Next is the Epcot theme park. We skipped this park this year since the last time we visited Epcot back in 1999, I felt that it was a bit too relaxed for me (i.e. more leisure time and less action). Epcot is a very futuristic, science-based park. It houses a lot of innovative ideas that some may find very interesting. If you are not so much into rides and are fond of science, then this is definitely a park you will enjoy.

On the flipside, one park that we did not visit back in 1999 but decided to check out this year was the Disney Animal Kingdom. Since I know Troy will enjoy seeing a lot of animals, we intentionally included this park in our itinerary during this trip. I will share more details about this park in a separate blog.

Finally, there's the Disney Hollywood Studios. This is my personal favorite. The concept of the hollywood park is very much similar to Universal Studios. Over 10 years ago, there was Disney MGM which i believe is the old Disney Hollywood Studios. It may have been renamed and upgraded through the years. Being my favorite Disney park of all, this park will also get it's own blog post :)

Mommy and Dawn with Little Goofy
Papa with Little Mickey and Minnie
If you plan to visit all of the Disney World theme parks and have much time on your hands, i recommend getting the multi-day park hopper pass. You may opt to get anywhere from 2 to 10-day passes. The more days you get, the cheaper each day becomes. You may check out some sites selling discounted Disney tickets before your trip. 


izza  – (May 22, 2012 at 1:32 PM)  

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Tiffany  – (May 23, 2012 at 4:23 PM)  

Thanks, Izza. We actually brought our own strollers but saw the double stroller for rent in Disney which is quite ideal when you have multiple kids. Thanks for your suggestion.

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