My Introduction to Calligraphy

My handwriting has always been pretty bad. It's true. Even my mom will confirm it. So when the Calligraphy craze hit Manila, I was immediately interested. Maybe I can finally write beautifully.
Last Saturday started my journey to better letter writing. My sister and I signed up for a beginners' class with Life After Breakfast. It was a half day class from 9:00am to 12:00nn at the Pipino Vegetarian restaurant in Quezon City.
The class fee was P2,500 which already included two pens/nib holders, 3 nibs, ink, gold leafing glue, gold leaf sheet, instruction booklet and a lot of worksheets.
What sets this class apart from the other classes that i have inquired with is that it does not only cover calligraphy but also introduces the class to gold leafing.

Here are the results of my three-hour workshop. You can finally understand my handwriting! Hurray!
Practice is the key to beautiful Calligraphy. I write a little bit better now compared to the above output. Once you get the hang of holding the pen and positioning the nib, you can start crafting your own style and be creative at it.

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